The Learning Resources Standing Committee (LRSC) of the Council of Instructional Affairs (CIA) is concerned with preserving the learning resources in Florida community college libraries. We also believe that it is important to protect and preserve the repository of any materials that aid to the cultural development of a community. In this spirit, we compiled an online list of resources and helpful guidance for preventing the destruction of these collections.

Monday, June 9, 2008

SOLINET 24 Hour Disaster Response Service

The SOLINET Disaster Wiki is available to use in case of a regional disaster. Individuals and institutions can turn to SOLINET’s disaster wiki to post information about themselves, their institution, and contact information if they are forced to leave the area.

You can sign up to be a volunteer to help an institution in need. No prior experience is necessary!

SOLINET offers classes for contract:
Developing a Disaster Plan (Live Online)
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Preparedness
Disaster Recovery for Museum Collections
Emergency 911: Decision Making for Managers (Live Online)
Hurricane Preparedness (Live Online)

SOLINET has other Disaster Resources, including a variety of leaflets and other reference materials.

SOLINET Preservation Services 24/7 phone line is available for immediate disaster assistance on weekends or after hours emergency. Call: 1-800-999-8558.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Helpful Links (March 2008)

For a list of books on library temperature and humidity and air movement or academic library air quality check Google Book Search.

The Council on Library and Information Resources published a report, Preservation in the Age of Large-Scale Digitization, a White Paper, by Oya Y. Rieger in February 2008 with an executive summary.

Northeast Document Conservation Center has a number of leaflets on preservation. A few examples are Temperature, Relative Humidity, Light, and Air Quality: Basic Guidelines for Preservation, Monitoring Temperature and Relative Humidity , Disaster Planning .

The American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works has brochures on Caring for Your Paintings and Caring for Your Books.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida: Library Disaster Preparedness - Plans, Manuals, Procedures, etc.

Barry University
Brevard Community College
Florida Atlantic University
FAU Continuity of Operations Plan
Florida International University
Miami Dade Public Library System
Nova Southeastern University
Palm Beach Community College
School District of Palm Beach County
St. Thomas University
University of Florida
University of North Florida

At the request of the Florida Department of Education, Office of School Library Media Services, the media specialists prepared the Disaster Preparedness Resources for Florida School Library Media Centers, a listing of recommended web resources.

Beyond Florida: Library Disaster Preparedness - Plans, Manuals, Procedures, etc.

The Generic Disaster Plan Workbook by the Californian Preservation Program provides a framework to assist libraries in writing a disaster plan. In addition the workbook, they also have a Library Disaster Plan Template to be used in conjunction with the Disaster Planning and Preparedness Guidelines to prepare institutional emergency plans that include collections priorities and disaster response procedures.

The State Library of Ohio designed a disaster preparedness manual, A Disaster Preparedness Plan for Small Public Libraries – 2002.

dplan - Free Online Tool for Writing Disaster Plans

dPlan, a free online tool to help you write a disaster plan, provides a fill-in-the-blank template that guides you through the necessary steps for an effective disaster plan specific to your library that can be updated continuously.

Pocket Response Plan (PReP)™

The Pocket Response Plan (PReP)™ , a concise document for recording essential information, is a great tool for every person who has response-related assignment. It can be customized for each institution and staff member. Printed on both sides of a legal-size sheet of paper then trimmed, it can be folded to credit card size that fits easily into a wallet. Information includes an Emergency Communication Directory and an Emergency Response Checklist. It is designed to complement, not replace, the library's disaster plan, providing managers and staff with the essential information at all times.

Libraries and Disaster Preparedness & Recovery (Power Point presentations)

Darcel Bryant from Howard University, Washington, DC, has a PowerPoint presentation, Libraries and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery: Making Your Library a Safer Place to Be during a Natural Disaster and Making It Easier for Your Library to Recover from a Natural Disaster.

Holly Robertson from University of Virginia created a PowerPoint presention -- Fire, Water, or Worse: Disaster preparedness Plan.